Sunday, February 7, 2010

(Worst) Tweet of the Day

The tweet above really bothered me. I blocked out the guy's name, despite the possible counter-evidence that it is a very effeminate name. No one should have to justify listening to a song or a particular artist based on ignorant stereotypes of a sexuality. Maybe it's because I have friends who would be offended by that statement, but this is pathetic. It's pathetic that this kid may even HAVE to defend himself to not become the scum of his social world. This is the 21st century, why can't we be tolerant of each other so that this kid can proudly announce he likes JB?

Leave your thoughts please, I'm curious to hear this one.


  1. It's tolerant not tolerate :) but i'm with you homey

  2. i loveeeeeee JB. i don't understand why ppl judge him...

  3. lol my bad on the spelling oversight, thanks for the heads up

    and to the second comment, regardless of whether or not he makes good music, people hate him because they're intolerant, ignorant, and possibly even jealous that he's bumping with usher and 3000 girls on demand and they aren't - or maybe that's why I'm jealous of him lol

  4. whyyy are you such a good person?! BE MEAN FOR ONCEEEE

  5. to this last comment? are you talking to me?
    if so, wow, i haven't heard that in a LONG time but thank you