Monday, February 1, 2010

The Sensation Sweeping Across the Nation...Ball!

A fad was born on Jan. 28 as the Toronto Raptors disposed of the New York Knicks 106-104, pushing the teams winning streak to four games (now at 5). The TSN post-game interview had Jack Armstrong doing the 1-on-1 with Hedo Turkoglu. After a rather homogenous response to Armstrong's first question, he asks Hedo what made him so effective in the game (26 points, 11 rebounds).

Hedo responds with one word, "Ball."

Armstrong was frazzled by the simple response, there was even an awkward silence where Hedo's blank and emotionless stare seems to freeze Armstrong's soul. Then Armstrong remembered he is on live TV and says an empty statement like, "The ball in your hands Hedo, that's all you needed?"

Hedo responds, "I have nothing else to say."

Check out the video,

You can join the Facebook group that supports Hedo and the Ball movement here.

Finally I'd like to thank the Toronto Raptors for bringing W's to the city. I feel like a heroin fiend getting his fix, but damn it is nice to have a surefire playoff team. Here's some food for thought: the Raptors have the second best record in the association since December at a 15-5 mark. In Colangelo I trust.

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