Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Morning: PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

Wow PETA, I'm not sure if I'm impressed or appalled by your truly well-intentioned but misguided expectation that people would appreciate this. This ad will not be appearing during the Super Bowl but don't be surprised if you see your co-worker/brother/boyfriend watching it, and then still watching it 10 minutes later when you walk by again.


  1. So for the longest time, I was wondering what PETA was... so i googled it.
    Then my reaction went from "oh okay." to "OMG. that's so inappropriate of them!!!!"
    First of all, I doubt those models/actors are even vegetarian to begin with.
    Second of all, yes they MIGHT be good in bed, but all this ad shows is a bunch of desperate "vegetarians" playing around with VEGETABLES instead of REAL HUMAN BEINGS!
    See my point here?!

  2. I once knew a girl that was filmed with a cucu-
    oh wait, that's not what this is about, or is it?
    as to you're first point, normally I would agree with the fact that these women are just actresses but PETA seems so hell-bent on making their point known that I can definitely see them making sure they only hired vegetarians to "prove" how legit of an organization they are.
    your second point is completely correct. i would have to assume that very few vegetarians are vegetarians because of an improved sex life and let's be honest, this ad isn't going to convert 250 lb men, who are watching the super bowl while wolfing down mountains of chicken wings, to become vegetarians.
    PETA tried to make an ad that would appeal visually and clearly failed because now it won't appear at all.

  3. Isn't this ad from last year? Or did they bring it up again and have it slapped down again? (Also, if it did end up airing, it might even get less publicity than if it were to be banned .)