Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Morning: Fotographic Memory

I found out about Fotographic Memory by way of Made in the City, a Toronto-based blog when they posted this video on their site the other day.

But with a little further research, and a quick view of their Vimeo channel, I found some other hidden Toronto landmarks including the ROM, TIFF, and Nuit Blanche. So what makes them special? They use still photographs (much like the guys who made the Yonge Street video) and create a sort of visual flipbook that is nothing short of amazing. The time and dedication required to complete a video is exorbitant and I have to be honest, I'd rather just watch the videos than make them. Just to help clarify this, the Nuit Blanche video is actually 10,682 single-frame pictures. Enjoy the videos.


  1. This is pretty cool. It makes me want to pick up a camera and start shooting.

  2. then do it! explore everything that interests you; you never know what may come of it