Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Morning: Slam Dunk Contest

Last night was the NBA's annual Slam Dunk contest and the Toronto Raptors' Demar Derozan was one of the contest's 4 participants. I wasn't able to watch it myself but the interwebs were fighting about whether or not Derozan got robbed by Nate Robinson. Iit seemed that almost everyone agreed it was the worst dunk contest in recent history though. Check out the highlights below.


  1. DeRozan would have won if he didn't have such a shitty last dunk, and if nate hadn't killed his last dunk.
    p.s Shannon Brown may possibly have been the biggest disapointment in the slam dunk competition in history. I actually thought he was going to win.

  2. I'm going to change my vulgar language to terrible** and correct my spelling mistake on disappointment.