Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewn From The Soul

The gentlemen over at Street Etiquette dropped this wicked new video that is both a tribute to Black History Month and style, and how the two combined have shaped the lives of the seven friends behind Street Etiquette.

Sewn From the Soul is an online editorial project brought to light by seven friends who have all collaborated together in order to see a bigger picture; ultimately meshing and intertwining Style and History. History is important as it gives us the ability to trace back what has occurred previously to help us better direct ourselves to the future. Style contributes to one’s overall character and truly dictates our persona in everything that surrounds us. We all contributed our individual style to this editorial and used a primarily monochromatic palette to assist the Black History Month theme.

The video below is a behind-the-scenes look of what occurred at the photo studio, starting off with an amazing poem by Brooklyn resident and Street Etiquette friend Joekenneth Museau. There is no way to emulate the magic of that exact date, but to know that something tangible resulted from this gathering allows us, at long last, to begin to write our own scripture in history.

For real, these guys did a great job with the video and even though we know nothing about them, just from their clothing it's evident they've found the perfect blend between swagger and style. These guys would have no trouble holding their own next to André 3000 or Mos Def - two of hip-hop's best-dressed men. Enjoy the video and Happy Black History Month to all those who celebrate.

Via the Cool Hunter

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