Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nike Sportswear S/S Collection Sweet Classic SL 09

Hypebeast dropped some Nke Sweet Classics in two new colourways (green/white and red/white) for Spring/Summer 2010. Sadly, they're only available through Kasina in Japan but these kicks are so fresh and clean. Although they have a classic feel, they have just the right touches (the side strip and colour patch on the top of the back ankle don't match perfectly, and a mini plastic license plate-style stamp just above the heel) to make sure everyone knows you bought them this milennium. There's no science to analyzing these miniscule discrepancies; it just either works or it doesn't (or at least that's how I see it...). The kicks should touch down this side of the ocean sometime soon.

P.S. I did the currency conversion and they only cost $62.80 CDN; not bad at all.

Via Hypebeast

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