Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buckler F/W 10

Launched in 2005, designer Andrew Buckler's clothing line, Buckler, previewed its F/W 10 collection the other day at New York Fashion Week. I looked through 102 pictures of the new collection and these are a few outfits that I particularly enjoyed.

Buckler is a mix of classic Americana and modern sportswear with a little hint of young professional; it's the type of brand that almost anyone can look at and pick out something they like. Their versatility is pretty impressive. Whether it's an accessory (in the 2nd picture), the use of contrast (3rd picture) or a well-placed pattern (sweater in the 4th picture), Buckler employs the right elements so that its clothing is stylish and appears well-made, but understated compared to some other designers' stuff. It's for the men who look good and know it but can keep it to themselves.

And yes Toronto, Buckler has a store here at home and it's located at 700 Queen St. W.

And as a bonus: Ron Weasley + a goldfish = this dude

Shots via Fashion Daily Mag

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  1. I 100% LOLed at your description of the red haired model!