Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday: Ian Kamau

Last week, proud Torontonian Ian Kamau released his latest mixtape, Love & Other Struggles Vol. 3, wrapping up his trilogy. The mixtape is filled with raw emotions and while Kamau isn't distraught with his existence or questioning its meaning, he's definitely experiencing some uncomfortableness in different aspects of his life. In combination with his own beats, Kamau samples legendary artists like Nina Simone and Fleetwood Mac, and contemporary ones like City & Colour, Radiohead and Drake, and lets it all go with a deep grovelly voice that is halfway between singing and slam poetry. You can download the mixtape here.

And as a nice bonus, here's the video - which is really more like a photo essay - for the first track of the mixtape, "Love It Here". Try and catch all the places you've been to.

Holla at Bryan from 1LoveTO for putting me onto this.

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