Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are The World 25 Haiti

I've been waiting on this video for a few weeks and at last night's opening ceremonies in Vancouver, it premiered. I only got around to watching it this evening, but I'm slightly dissapointed. In no particular order here are a few things that bugged me:
- Who let Jamie Foxx's intro run more than a minute?
- Why did Weezy replace Bob Dylan, and then top it off with auto-tune?
- Why is T-Pain even in this thing? And wearing a backpack? Stay a while dude
- Tony Bennett is FLAT!
- Miley sucks; it's not even arguable
But there were a few things I really liked. I thought Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and Pink (this was a huge shocker) KILLED their solos, so big ups to the ladies for holding it down. On the men's side, I was very impressed with Wyclef and even Kanye but I still can't tell if LL Cool J's/Will I Am's rap shtick with Snoop was terrible or barely passable. On the whole, it was alright but just didn't live up to the hype.


  1. Agreed on every count, except Wyclef Jean - I think his weird screaming/vibrato thing is audibly jarring.

  2. I can't believe you didn't tear apart JB at the beginning. He was less than impressive, and looked lost at one point in the middle of the video during the chorus.
    Also, Weezy needs autotune, even if it's only a little bit.
    And I thought Kanye/ Will I Am was sick.
    And agreed with anonymous. I'm a Wyclef fan but I wasn't feeling it on this.

  3. Honestly, I liked Wyclef's vibrato; I thought it had a little more emotion than most of the other performances but props to Anonymous for being so articulate with his/her comment.
    and Enrique, Beiber's crappy voice didn't bother me so much as the fact that he opened the song. They could have picked so many other people to start it off.