Thursday, December 17, 2009

An interesting H1N1 ad

A friend and classmate of mine, Adrian, posted this picture on his Twitter and I felt it was bizarre enough for a re-post. His caption was "Ontario Health has fascist style propaganda ads for h1n1 shot around city" and seem fitting. This looks like it was commissioned from an old 1930s workbook with the fist clenching and the font/colour combos. I think my favourite part of this though is a toss up between the middle guy's mullet and the "Don't miss hockey" warning. What do you guys think, effective advertising or a misguided message?

P.s. Adrian just informed me that the mullet man is in fact a woman. I disagree but if he is right, she is a tank and her body must be carrying enough male hormones to combine with her female hormones to confuse the disease and remain uninfected.

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