Sunday, December 20, 2009


To start off the graffiti/street art profiles that I promised a little while ago, we have famed English stencil street artist Banksy. He has created some new "pieces" that have appeared in Regent's Canal, London, England. The works come after the recent COP15 environmental conference in Copenhagen and are a clear indication that he, along with most people it seems, is dissatisfied with the results.

The one thing you must know about him though is that you don't know him. No one does. The guy is a complete mystery; his identity is a secret. Many have investigated and guessed, but all have failed. He doesn't even have an agent; he has a "handling service" that acts as his seller for new works (those that can actually be sold and aren't on walls). The craziest part is how succesful this guy is! In June he showcased an exhibition containing over 100 pieces of art at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol, England and on the first weekend alone, 8,500 people came to see it. Over the 12 weeks of the exhibition, 350,000 visitors came. Not bad for a ghost.

He is one of the most influential and famous modern artists and his mysteriousness has only increased his reputation. Check out the jump for more pics.

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