Sunday, December 27, 2009

NBA on Christmas Day

Christmas Day this year, which for most of my friends conisted of spending time with family and hopefully unwrapping some cool gifts, was an absolute sports day for me. I sat in front of the TV for almost 12 hours straight and watched 4 NBA games in their entirety. On top of that, I watched as much of the Titans-Chargers football game I could manage until I had had enough of the Titans getting man-handled. Although most of the basketball games were supposed to have been tight matchups resulting in great games, they all turned out to be a complete bore except for the Portland-Denver game - ya, Boston-Orlando, I'm talking about you.

And since I know you were wondering, my choice for Christmas Day MVP goes to Rajon Rondo who was 2 assists shy of a triple-double with 17 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists along with 2 steals. The only knock on Rondo was his eight turnovers - which is thoroughly unacceptable. Lucky for him, the Magic played extremely poorly, but he turned on the heat and was the only reason the C's escaped Florida with a win. I've also gotto send props to Brandon Roy, who performed more than admirably by contributing a whopping 41 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in the Trail Blazers win; not bad for a guy who was a game-time decision with a shoulder injury. The LVP of the day is a shared award this year. The first recipient is the Denver Nuggets' defence, who slept on Portland's Steve Blake in the fourth quarter, only to watch the sharp shooter torch them for four 3-pointers in the final 12 minutes. They proudly share this award with an immature Lakers' crowd that threw foam fingers onto the court after some frustrating calls that just didn't go L.A.'s way.

So that was the NBA on Christmas Day - a wholly uneventful day and a slightly more eventful evening. But an NBA Christmas Day post would be incomplete without a sneaker display. Thanks to the good people over at SneakerNews and ESPN, I present to you the first collection of "Shoe Drop: the NBA Christmas Day Edition". Even though I'm really feeling Dwyane Wade's Air Jordans, props goes out to Rondo for changing his shoes at halftime. Check some more kicks after the jump.

P.s. I am so happy that L.A. lost to Cleveland at home. Merry Christmas Kobe.

Rajon Rondo - 2nd half (his 1st half shoes can be seen in the picture at the top)

Kobe Bryant's Zoom Kobe V

Lebron James' Christmas Air Max Lebron VII

Dwyane Wade's Air Jordan 1 Alpha

Carmelo Anthony
Via SneakerNews and shouts to ESPN for the Rondo photos.

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