Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pappalardo x Product (RED)

Continuing with the idea of acknowledging that HIV/AIDS exists 365 days a year, I'm sure you've all heard of PRODUCT (RED) products (which range from Gap clothing to iPods to Dell computers to Hallmark cards). Although these products will not eradicate the issue, they develop a sense of consumer consciousness with the hopes that they'll research the cause that their products are advertising.

The newest (RED) product is a Converse sneaker designed by skateboarder Anthony Pappalardo. From the picture it looks to be made of suede and it's a blue and white colourway with red trimming. Pappalardo's name is stiched on the side and on the back is a red heart. Personally, I like the detailed stitching around the tongue; it kind of looks like a spider web. To see more of these shoes, check out the promo video here.

And once in a while, to keep things interesting, I'd swap the blue laces for the (Nike)RED ones that just came out a couple of days ago.

Via Hypebeast

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