Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Victim Short Duffle Coat

I'm feeling this jacket over at Victim for a simple reason: because it's short, it won't make me seem any shorter than I am. I'm about 5'8" (on a good day) and jackets that hang down to my thighs make me look like I have stumpy legs - something I don't need. Available in 3 colours, these jackets look sturdy enough to stand up against our current weather (it has a hood) and I really like the detailed ribbing around the shoulders and the two front pockets. Always wear this type of jacket with the collar button undone (it makes you seem a less uptight) and for an even more relaxed look, leave the top toggle unhooked.
Via Hypebeast

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  1. You should take a look at some of M0851's jackets. They are at a medium price point, but all the stores are having sales now.
    It's a Canadian company (based in Montreal), and their Toronto store is just south of Bloor on St. Thomas.
    I love their wool and down jackets.