Saturday, December 19, 2009

NBA Top 10: Friday

Although I watch the Top 10 NBA plays daily, I wouldn't post this unless it were special. Last night, I had the privilege (yes, privilege) of watching the Toronto Raptors man-handle the New Jersey Nets 118-95. Even though we still won by 23 points, the score is misleading; we played our third-stringers for much of the 4th quarter and the Nets managed to close what was once a 40-point lead. The whole game was a highlight reel. By the 12th alley-oop, the allure was gone and the half-empty ACC let out a feeble cheer. The Top 10 from last night features not one, not two, but three plays from last night's Raptors game, two of which feature my man Demar Derozan, and thus I am posting this for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy ladies and gents.

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