Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brand Blast: 686

It's been a minute since we've done a Brand Blast but the other day, I came across one that deserves a mention. I'm talking about 686, the skate/snowboard brand out of Irvine, California that combines technological innovation with outerwear. Although they have several lines, I want to present you with the brilliantly-designed Time. Time's goal is "to work with a partner who shares similar inspirations and offer a limited product that’s like no other. We keep production limited and retail distribution exclusive, making the TIMES line fresh every year". All the stuff is limited edition so we're talking mega-exclusivity on each of these pieces. So far 686 has collaborated on projects with Levi's, New Balance and KR3W. The prices between the three lines are relatively similar but for the sake of comparison, here's a look at a jacket from each of the three companies:

686 Times New Balance 580 3-Ply Jacket; $289.99; available here

686 Times KR3W K-65 Jacket; $279.99; available here

686 Times Levi's Trucker Insulated Jacket; $269.99; available here

And a few weeks ago, 686 released what they called Supernova collections for their New Balance and Levi's collabs. The Supernova/New Balance collection is a boxset containing 4 pieces (a sneaker, snowboarding boot, New Era cap and what looks like a windbreaker) in a bright orange/turquoise colourway. The Supernova/Levi's collection is a single piece of clothing: a beautifully crafted pair of Levi's jeans that feature trimming in the same orange/turquoise colourway. These jeans are nothing less than gorgeous and only 10 pairs were made worldwide! I don't even want to know how much the Supernova pieces cost...smh... Check out some pics below.

A huge high-five to anyone who can figure out where this zipper is. I was thinking on the side of the jeans??

Shouts to Hypebeast twice


  1. Those are snowboard pants, and I want them.
    Here's the page link:

  2. Nice find! This is actually makes a lot of sense. A snowboard company making jeans never occured to me as weird once I saw the Levi's stamp of approval. Ah consumerism...