Friday, December 25, 2009

BBC/Ice Cream Spring 2010 Lookbook

Pharrell's clothing line Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream unveiled its Spring 2010 collection today and I must say, I'm fairly impressed. Besides some basic graphic tees, I haven't liked much BBC-wise lately but this new set is hot! By combining twists on classic patterns, bold colours and the perfect set of shoes, BBC really nailed this one. Below are only a selection of the shots in the collection but for the sake of space (and tolerability) I didn't want to include the whole shoot. But just in case you want more, the link is available at the bottom of this post.

Although I can't get over the leopard-print collar, the ribbing design on the long-sleeve underneath the offending jacket is a perfect subtle pattern - both in texture and location.

The highlight of this outfit (besides that she reminds me of the missing sun) is definitely the rolled-up jean shorts which provide as a reminder that a simple yet noticeable tweak makes everyday seem just a little bit out of the ordinary.

I really like this outfit. I don't know why, but I have a love for grey pants and the shoes deserve their own credit. But it's the jean jacket that stands alone as my favourite item in this whole collection; it's straight ballin'. The logo and writing are clean and manage to avoid being tacky, and I really like the buckles on the sides just above the waist.

I don't actually have anything to say about this one, I just wanted to include at least two pics for the ladies.

What can I even say about this one? Just a solid well-put together outfit that is a dressed-down version of dressing-up (i.e. not too fancy yet not exactly casual either). The glasses are jokes too; I hope Pharrell let the model keep a pair. Plus my shoes are back so this outfit goes down as my favourite in the collection.
Via Hypebeast and BBC

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