Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ms. Amber Riley

I have a guilty pleasure. It isn't chocolate or pop or French Fries or anything potentially damaging to my health; it's Glee. No matter if the music is cheesy, these guys are talented (having 3 former Broadway performers doesn't hurt). So today, I present to you Ms. Amber Riley (Mercedes), singing "And I Am Telling You" by Jennifer Hudson. This girl is for real! Her range is off the charts, has a great falsetto and hit the last note perfectly just before running out of breath only to then deliver a bone-chilling ending. I mean this is Grammy-award winning Jennifer Hudson on the original, so props to Riley for even showing up to compete on this one, let alone smashing it.

As the story goes, Riley tried out for American Idol but didn't do so well and was not asked to advance. After Adam Lambert's recent debacle, and Ellen DeGeneres replacing Paula Abdul, I'm sure Idol is looking for some clean press before the new season premieres January 12th. Glee on the other hand just finished its fall season tonight and only starts again on April 13th and will now be airing on Tuesdays, rather than Wednesdays.


  1. Justtt a note, the song was originally made popular by Jennifer Holliday and her version reigns supreme, even still ( :D

  2. Oh cool, thanks for the heads up, I rely on Google for showtune info :P
    Just watched the video, and yes Jennifer Holliday is a beast so I decided to listen to Jennifer Hudson's version as well ( and honestly, I wasn't blown away by either of them in the same way I was when watching Riley's; she just has a killer attitude and owns the floor.
    But thanks for keeping me in check nonetheless :)