Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Owner Sorry for Michael Jordan - Byron Russell 1-on-1 hoax"

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME BRANDT ANDERSEN? This guy has to be the biggest weiner that Orem, Utah (wherever the arf that is) has ever seen. The owner of an NBA Development League team decided to impersonate Michael Jordan and send the fake around town to create hype with the hopes that people would come out to watch his lousy team play. And then the owner has the cojones to say the following on his blog:

""This was done in fun," Andersen wrote on his blog after the game. "If you did not see it as fun or you feel we went over the top I am sorry."

Oh ya, I'm sure all 7,500 people who showed up found it real funny as well. Sir, in a real city, like Los Angeles or New York or Washington...or you get the point, your children would have been on the 6 o'clock news trying to fight back tears with a camera in their face and #brendtandersen would be trending on Twitter. You know what, Brandt Andersen, you should thank whoever or whatever it is the heck you believe in that you haven't been shanked and are still in possession of a house (or a lawn for that matter; see Leodis Mckelvin). I think the most unfortunate thing is that after punt-kicking the side of your own face, and instead of sacking up and taking the hit for this one, the fans are supposed to have understood you. No you're right; they shouldn't be mad at having been promised a shot to see the greatest to ever touch an orange ball play right in front of their eyes, but instead were being duped by a bald guy with latex make-up and a fake diamond hanging from his ear.

Alright, Orem are you ready? Time to move to a real city, just come with me. Ya I live a bit up north, but nowhere in the Arctic or anything. Well ya, but it's just as cold in Utah... Oh, you're afraid of polar bears breaking through the igloo while you sleep? You know what, maybe this won't work out as well as I thought. (Rolls eyes and exits left)

Read the rest of the article on the bonehead move of the century here and his blog post here.

Sorry for the strong feelings on this one; I'm just not down with owners showing a full-blown lack of responsibility when dealing with their fans. Not classy at all.

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