Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jersey Shore/Oompa Guidos

I hope you haven't watched MTV's Jersey Shore yet. I personally have yet to see an episode seeing that everything I've read online has been less than complimentary. Even those who admit to watching it frequently preface their lapse in judgement with "my guilty pleasure". It's hard to imagine a scenario in which anyone would enjoy watching spikey-haired orange workout buffs hitting on straight-haired over-tanned big chested women.

Understandably, Italian-Americans aren't so happy with the negative portrayals of their community. Andre DiMino, President of UNICO National, "the Largest Italian-American Service Organization in the States", issued a statement describing his feelings for the show: "I don't see any redeeming value in the show. They are an embarrassment to themselves and to their families." Well put Sir, well put.

So why am I telling you all this? Because Jersey Shore has re-spawned the existence of the Guido. For those who are unaware of what a Guido is, I don't want to get caught spewing out generalizations; instead check out the 14 pages of politically incorrect definitions on Urban Dictionary. And during my course of study on the recent ressurgence of the Guigo, I was lucky enough to find this picture. I love it because it combines two things I hate: Oompa Loompas and silk vests that in no way match the shirt they're covering. An important sidenote: this picture was found on a website that looks at the World's Strangest Animals. WIN!

Just in case you were completely lost while reading this post (or you're just looking for a reason to be disgusted), check out the trailer here and keep your fist pumpin'!

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