Thursday, December 10, 2009

Key to the Roc

"They say he bougie, he big-headed/Won't you please stop talking about how my d**k head is" - Kanye West on "Last Call"

As entertainment mags/blogs/shows/etc. are starting to roll out their obligatory best-of-the-year countdown, this year is a little special; seeing as there are exactly 21 days and 3 hours left until the new decade, prepare yourselves for a plethora of best-of-the-decade lists.

To kick off the festivities, let's look at Yeezy. He has released 4 albums in the past decade, 3 of which hit #1 on the Billboard charts and his first album, The College Dropout, peaked at #2; he has since amassed 12 Grammys amongst his 30 nominations (which don't even include his six nominations for the 2010 awards); you can probably sing the chorus to anywhere between 2-12 of his songs; and your general opinion of him is probably along the lines of "great musician; huge douche".

But regardless of his non-music related shenanigans, the guy will be a legend in the pop culture world for years to come. So it shouldn't come as a great surprise that Kanye was named one of Rolling's Stones Artists of the Decade only a few days after Entertainment Weekly named The College Dropout Album of the Decade and Kanye himself as #6 on the Top 100 things pop culture of the '00s.

Honestly, good for Kanye; I just hope he remains humble, which for Kanye is a normal person's foray into arrogance, and that his next album bangs.

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