Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brand Blast: Pendleton

Although Pendleton may not be the most exciting brand in streetwear (hope you enjoyed that slideshow) they are becoming an increasingly substantial partner with popular streetwear companies. Since September (we're talking 4 months here), Pendleton has collaborated with at least 3 major brands (Trainspotter, Junta Watanabe and Hurley) and a world-famous clothing store and webstore Opening Ceremony.

Trainspotter teamed up with Pendleton's wool division to produce an outfit that features a hat and what is essentially a designer rain coat.

Images after the jump.

The collection with Japenese designer Junya Watanabe, of Comme Des Garçons fame, is a plethora of shirts that bleed masculinity thanks to thick shoulder and collar reinforcements, heavy materials and traditional checker patterns.

Pendleton also hooked up with skate brand Hurley for a different collection of shirts. These shirts tilter with ruggedness thanks to the checkered pattern but manage to keep a more youthful appearance that is sure to please the skater crowd, rather than the woodsmen.

But what is likely their largest collaboration to date, with Opening Ceremony, has seen the production of two collections (one for the F/W 09 season and the more recent S/S 10 season). OC is a US-based brand operating boutiques in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo and an online shop that ships around the globe. The online shop carries about 60 brands for men so you're sure to find something you like (and that is extremely expensive). The two originally hooked up about a year ago and have collaborated again on a new line that will hit the stores in a few months. The collection embodies exactly what a collaboration should be: a mix of the two brands' influences, as evident here by the Pendleton fabrics and patterns and Opening Ceremony's ability to transform almost any garment and tailor it to be stylish. Hopefully, the S/S 10 set turns out to be just a hint of what this partnership can become. If it is, I imagine that we'll be seeing a few more Pendleton/OC collections in the future.

Shouts to Hypebeast for the shots.

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