Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warrior Footwear SS 10

Warrior drops a classic-looking first collection to kick off their 75th year in existence. Established in 1935, "Hui Li" as it is known is China, started out as the original shoe for Chinese athletes. After three quarters of a century, the brand seems to have moved away from athletics towards a look that is more "lifestyle" oriented; I don't think partaking in any physical activity without socks is sanitary or comfortable.

For the Ottawa peeps reading this (LV I see you), Warrior shoes are available at Norml Clothing (184 Rideau St.); Torontonians and everywhere else, head over to the website for the online links.

Via Hypebeast


  1. looks attractive
    i would have bought them

  2. Pretty cool. I pick up a pair at:
    Love 'em.