Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apple Tablet

By no means am I a tech geek; in fact besdies the basics of my Mac and my Blackberry, I don't know much about gadgets at all but this tablet thing, wow... My brother told me about it last week and I didn't at all understand what he was talking about but since that conversation, I've read up on a little and it sounds freaking awesome. Gizmodo called it an "iPhone on steroids", and is patiently awaiting its release - which is rumoured to be January 27th. So what exactly is this? I asked my brother Michael, the resident tech junkie, and his answer was unexpected. "No one knows; that's the beauty". Hmm..well whatever the heck it does, it looks damn cool and as soon as I get more info, I'll pass it along. Until then, check out this very nice chart of 20 or so speculations about this mysterious product.

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