Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dunk-In De-Ro!

Demar Derozan, the Toronto Raptors rookie, and LA Clippers guard Eric Gordon, are competing against each other in a 'dunk-in' to decide which will enter the NBA Dunk Contest. After two dunks each, a fan vote will decide whose worthy of entrance. The event will take place on All-Star weekend before the Rookie vs. Sophomore game that Derozan and Gordon have been selected to play in. The 'dunk-in' is this year's version of H.O.R.S.E, continuing in the NBA tradition of trying to fill All-Star weekend with 24 hours of programming.

Demar's been speaking boldly about the 'dunk-in', a surprise considering how trivial the event appears. When asked by a reporter if Gordon was good dunking competition, Derozan responded,

"He's more of a three point shooter so it should be fun. He knows what he's going up against, and I know what he's going up against."

Derozan has also been quoted saying he could beat Michael Jordan if he was to enter the contest. I hope he is referring to 46 year-old, part-owner of the Bobcats MJ and not the poster version.

But wait, maybe Derozan can support his strong words with showtime jams. He has been catching and finishing alley-op passes from Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack all season. And he did win the McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest; other former winners include Lebron James, and Vince Carter.

I wish you good luck De-Ro, may you properly represent the streets of Compton and Toronto, garner attention from the event, and leave the organization in 4 years, cough.

Accreditation; Big ups to Eric Smith's blog for that awesome quote, I rarely read your blog, but you served me gold. And Minyeppy from photobucket for photoshoping the Raptors Uni's over the McDonald's All-American's.

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