Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Religious Zealot of the Day

As you hopefully have all heard by now, the island of Haiti was rocked yesterday by a devastating 7.0 level earthquake that is said to have killed somewhere in the realm of 100,000 people. The country, and countries around the world, are scrambling to mobilize aid and stabilize the island that has seen schools, hospitals and tons of other buildings collapse in the capital Port-Au-Prince. While most the world waits, prays and donates, Pat Robertson said the following:

It's amazing how certain religions are frequently picked on for their radicalists but others, being the status quo, are frequently passed over. I don't want to start a debate about history and religious philosophy but I just wanted to point out that ALL religions have individuals who have no trouble provoking all sorts of reactions with strong words or actions. As I write this, Robertson is the number #2 trending topic (essentially the most spoken about person, place or thing of the moment) right behind Haiti and here are some sample tweets:

Trust me when I say there are plenty more. In fact, there are almost 50 new tweets every 20 seconds or so.
Please readers, I am not asking you to give money (although by no means am I asking you not to) but please stay informed on the topic seeing as we as Canadians share a language with the people of Haiti and many Canadian residents are of Haitian descent - including Governor General Michaëlle Jean. The Toronto Star and the BBC will surely be updating their websites with information about Haiti as it is realeased.

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