Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emma Watson x Burberry

Although I rarely post this type of stuff, my friend showed me this shoot this morning in Vogue and I had to blast it. The Harry Potter sweetheart looks extremely good as the face of Burberry, providing a very strong campaing in her second season for the brand. Thankfully the 19 year-old finally ditched her customary Hogwarts uniform and cements herself as a woman and has me swooning in the process. The ladies' collection itself is true Burberry styles with the famous beige pattern adapted and printed on plenty of bags and a few trenches. The guys stuff also bangs but really, what else would you expect from a fashion powerhouse that's been around for over a century and a half? And the male models? As if the Watson family weren't proud enough of having one child as the face of Burberry, Emma's little brother Alex (who's only 17) appears in a few shots alongside his sister. The other guys are British indie rocker George Craig, Max Hurd and Matt Gilmour (son of famed Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour). All pictures were shot by Mario Testino.

Thanks to the Telegraph for the shots.


  1. Those suits are gorgeous. Annnd so is Emma.

  2. couldn't agree more with either of those statements haha
    my favourite guys piece is definitely the shirt in the third from last picture (on her brother)