Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cement Jewelry

Although I don't own a lot of jewelry, as most men don't, it doesn't mean men shouldn't own jewelry or that I shouldn't own more. My problem I guess is that I'm very particular when it comes to accessories and most either aren't manly enough or too subtle that it defeats the purpose of wearing them all together.

But Toronto's Cement Jewelry's new collection features male-dominant symbols, which look heavy and appealing to the stylish man who has no problem adding a little extra to his outfit. Plus, Cement has collaborated on projects with French music and blogging giants Cool Cats and another limited-edition project with Ed Banger Records. Their collection is available in Toronto at Nomad, located at 431 Richmond St. W.

Via Definitive Touch


  1. Nice pieces I will definitely have to check these out finding REAL male suitable jewelry is kinda hard these days so its refreshing to see some more options available..

  2. I feel the same way.
    And LV, I don't know if Cement is in any boutiques in Ottawa but you can always check them at Urban Outfitters: and possibly in stores. (This goes for anyone outside of Toronto by the way)