Sunday, January 10, 2010

An NBA af-hair

The NBA, despite its controversies (check out the Gilbert Arenas posts below, if you haven't already), is always good for something: awkward showings of personality. Since David Stern adopted his "business casual" dress code in 2005 in an effort to combat the public image of thuggery (it's a word, look it up), NBA players have searched for new ways to keep their look personalized. Last year, we saw Dwight Howard rock a Superman cape during the Slam Dunk competition and the NBA teams themselves have adopted alternate jerseys (and in some cases identities - Toronto Huskies, anyone?) to keep fans entertained.

This year has sparked a new revolution. Not since Dennis Rodman have we seen such expression on the top of players' heads. Or in the case of Chris Anderson (as seen above), we have seen attempts, but we just haven't liked them. However, these past two weeks have seen not one but two outrageous hair styles that are ballsy, hilarious and nostalgic.

First up, we have rookie Brandon Jennings, who after torching the Warriors for 55 points in November, has fallen off the map a little bit. This is sure to get him noticed.

And in a close second place, is Michael Beasley, the Miami Heat sophomore who is putting together a very nice season after spending the summer in rehab and was spotted recently rocking this fine 'fro against the Bobcats. Sadly, Beasley has re-braided his head and fallen into the obscurity of typical NBA 'dos.

I hope to see more of this as the season goes on. At least it's better than excessive team tattooing - ya, Denver Nuggets, I'm talking to you.

P.S. The following is a quote in the Toronto Sun from former Raptors guard Jalen Rose in 2005 when asked about the then-new dress code.

"They're probably scared your kid will be wearing a bandana," Jalen Rose said. "But at the end of the day, whatever I wear to the game, whether I have on jewelry, a sports coat or not, when I dribble up the court, I'm still going to hear Notorious B, I'm still going to hear Tupac."


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