Saturday, January 16, 2010

High School VC is VERY scary

After writing the post below, I began dabbling through dunk contest history, and I found a video of the 1995 McDonald's High School Dunk Contest. The event features Paul Pierce against Vince Carter, a precursor to what may be the most stacked McDonald's game in history.

Alongside 'The Truth' and VC were Kevin Garnett, Chancey Billups, Stephon Marbury, Shareef (the leaf) Abdur-Rahim, Antawn Jamison and Ron Mercer. In the video, young versions of Pierce and Carter entertain through the air, although my favourite part is with Carter standing firmly on the ground. Check out the face that Carter has while being interviewed. It's as if he can see his future beyond the camera, and already hates Canada. What's particularly enjoyable about the image is that it mirrors precisely the facial expression I would have if I was unfortunate enough to meet Carter. Minus the crustauche of course.

Pause the video on the 1:27 mark exactly, to view Lucifer.

Accreditation; thank you 2K sports and for the link to the video, and info. And thank you Vince for furthering my suspicion that you were conceived deep in the depths of hell.
PS; My (leaf) in Abdur-Rahim was a shot at his game, for those that knew him on the court, know he wilts at the first sign of pressure.

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