Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roll Crimson Tide

The title of the post was a football reference (a college football reference no less) so if you didn't really understand it don't feel bad. I saw this picture over on Street Peeper and it immediately caught my eye. Although I'm not a fan of the "skirt pant", as this particular lower-body garment is called, I've always had a thing for adidas track jackets. No matter if they were made in 1972 or 2009, they're so old-school; scratch that, timeless. The adidas track jacket is a timeless piece of clothing which the company itself seems to have no problems costumizing i.e. the Lakers version worn by Weezy during the NBA Finals last year or the Argentina jacket.

But back to my man Takayuki in Tokyo, he looks one-part Asian Eminem hipster, one-part awesome - being the jacket of course - and one-part umbrella shade and YET, he makes it work.

P.s. Do you think it's pretentious that officially adidas is spelled with a lower case 'a' or have they earned the right to do as they please?

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