Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brand Blast: Canada Goose

I've been really busy lately and haven't had much time to scour the interwebs for stuff to share, but I thought I'd finally get around to doing something really important: posting stuff my readers actually asked me to post.

First up, we have the ubiquitous Canada Goose coat - a brand that multiple people have asked me to blast (ok not exactly in those words, but whatever). This brand markets themselves perfectly, combining style with functionality, and the best part is that they have no problem admitting it.

"We have been manufacturing innovative, high quality outerwear in Canada for over 50 years...People wear our brand because of our reputation for quality, functionality and style," reads their website.
At school, on the bus, downtown, uptown, wherever, these jackets line the streets and are easily recognizable. The two main features are (on most models) a furry hood and the symbolic patch found somewhere on the garment, certifying not only authenticity, but for those who actually live in real cold, sorry Toronto, protection and safety as well.

These jackets are here to stay. The only downside is the price as the pieces typically hover around the $600 price range. Obviously that is a lot of money to throw around, but from the responses I've received, it seems that the warmth and comfort these bad boys provide, it's all worth it.

The Expedition Parka

The Fleet Bomber (My personal favourite)

The Yorkville Parka

Constable Parka

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  1. Thanks for posting this one up, i appreciate it A LOT!
    Reasons why i don't like them:
    - It has become all about the BRAND than anything...
    - It's actually EVERYWHERE
    - I heard they smell like dead birds
    - Overpriced

  2. These jackets are amazing. I live in Toronto and I'm looking for the Fleet Bomber but have had no luck so far. Any idea where to find it?

  3. To the first comment, I'm glad you appreciate it but I hope you're not under the impression that I don't like these coats - because I do. But I will say that they are ridiculously expensive and that's the only thing that's holding me back from getting one.

    To the second comment, first and foremost, I'm glad someone shares my love for the Fleet Bomber. But sadly, to answer your real question, I don't know of any off hand. But what I can tell you is that Sporting Life carries Canada Goose products, so if you haven't tried there yet, that's a good starting point. If you have, I suggest you check out Canada Goose's Authorized Online Retailers. Go here and hit the Buy Now button and try out the links. Good luck!

    And to both comments, knowing your names would be nice rather than me responding to anonymous people :)

  4. Hey.I was the second comment haha.

    Yeah I have tried all of the different authorized dealers of Canada Goose. I can't find it anywhere! I've even gone to the internet and the only decent legit place I've found is based and sells out of Europe.

  5. Andrew, in that case I don't know what else to tell you. It's too bad really, because it's a very nice jacket. Good luck on your search. Let me know if you manage to figure it out!