Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Edward Burtynsky - Canadian Photographer

Alright, so after getting out a little sports beef this morning I would like to share some of the best Canadian photography around. Ed Burtynsky was introduced to me by my cousins, who, for graduating high school, gave me one of his books. The book is entitled "Quarries", and has thousands of images of exactly that. The way Burtynsky depicts quarries, as beautifully tragic images, showcasing humanities power and impact is rather moving. For instance, one of the images i've posted is of a nickel tailings in Sudbury. The bright orange-yellow river is searing and gorgeous yet wholly unnatural, a dichotomy found in much of Burtynsky's photography. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet Ed or hear him speak last weekend at Carleton University, nonetheless his work speaks volumes itself.

Visit edwardburtynsky.com for more of his work

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