Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Memo to Mark McGwire

Hi Mark,
In lue of your recent exit from the steroid closet so that you could comfortably accept a position as hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, I have decided to retire my St. Louis Cardinals cap. I feel that retiring Old Royal Blue, saves me the disgrace of ushering your image with my own. I am not a liar, I did not stand in front of Congress and ignore questions that charged me with being a steroid user. There is something fishy about lying to your country on national TV, and then using national TV to apologize for your massive mistakes. You cheated, and although it was entertaining to watch you and Sammy Sosa smash balls over fence after fence, its irreconcilable that part of your success was due to an agent, and not your 'god-given' ability.

Anywho Mark, I'm sure your steroid use has affected you in ways I could never conceive, and lastly I'd like to share with you and the good people of acrosstheprovince.blogspot.com, the words of reporter Brian Williams, which very harshly echo my own.

Link To Brian Williams Slams Mark Mcgwire

I'd like to thank Deadspin for being an awesome sports website as well, the video is contributed by them.

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