Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jason Tozer

Photographer Jason Tozer caught my eye today as I was searching for cool stuff (I have to figure out how to get paid to do this). Unlike most photographers, Tozer captures crystal-clear images that milliseconds later would look entirely different. I'm far from an expert in the technical aspects of camera, but I think I'm right in saying his shutter speed is disgustingly fast as he manages to take multiple shots of sequences that only last for a few seconds. Trozer has created advertisement for Peroni, NME-TV, Johnnie Walker & Havana Club, besides doing his own shoots and projects. All of his shots are great and I hope you enjoy them.

"Blowing bubbles up to the size of planets; freezing smoke; microscopic cracks in ice blocks; the infinitely detailed world of self-cast metal. Jason’s photographs show us a world our eyes cannot see.
Beautiful and strange, these are details that last a fraction of a fraction of a second- or are too slight to notice."
- Jason Trozer's website

Via Another Face In the Crowd

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