Friday, November 20, 2009

Jigga man

For those who haven't been following, Josh claimed in an MSN convo that Lil Wayne is "the best rapper alive". I vehemently disagree and need look no further than my man Shaw Carter aka Jay-Z aka Hov. To prove my point let's do a quick analysis of their two latest collaborations: Mr. Carter and Hello Brooklyn
Looking at Mr. Carter, Weezy's best verse is probably: "I been in and out the bank bitch/While ya'll asshole niggas been on the same shit/I flush em and watch em go down the drain quick/Two words you neva hear WAYNE QUIT". Not too bad. Jay on the other hand comes with: "Show no mercy to the Murcielagos/Far from being the bastard that Marcy had fathered/Now my names being mentioned with the martyrs/The Biggies and the Pacs the Marleys and the Marcus'"
Neither was great but Jay has better flow on the track and at least he has a metaphor; Josh, do you know how Marcy is? That's his housing project in Brooklyn; put that place on the map boy!
Speaking of Brooklyn, Weezy's featured on Hello Brooklyn, a song about Jay's city. And really, when was the last time you even heard Wayne mention New Orleans? Anyways, back to the point, Wayne really brought nothing to this track. "She said, she got a man but he ain't worried/But baby I'm a have to rob him like Horry" Ok really?! Congrats Weezy, you shouted out Robery Horry. That's not an innovative play on words; that's lame. On the other hand, Jay at least has a point to his rhymes: "Brooklyn you crazy, look how you made me/Razor blades in my mouth walk around behaving/All demented black hoodies and Timberlanded/Always scheming you see the gleam on that Niggas pendant/Hello Brooklyn, you bad influence, look what you had me doin'/But I ain't mad at you look at my attitude"
And finally, my ultimate point is that in both of these songs, Wayne mentions Jay-Z in the same sentence as Tupac and Biggie, which is no small feat in itself.
So Josh, Lil Wayne may be more anticipated and be featured on the hottest songs, but know this: Weezy looks up to, and respects, Jay. After all, the guy has more #1 albums than anyone in the history of music!
And WOWOWOWOW I found this just before I posted; it may be a few years old, but the point remains the same.
Game HOVA!
P.s. My apologies for the language. We don't swear here on J&J and the words posted above are just quotes. Hope we didn't offend anyone

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