Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't flap if you're not swimming

O man, two Twilight-related posts in a row, I'm losing my mind. Thankfully this isn't about the movie, but rather about one of its stars, Taylor Lautner.
So let me start by saying this: Gentlemen, hopefully every once in a while you will need to wear a dress shirt. If you know how to wear one that makes you look good, then great; if you don't, then let the star of "New Moon" show you. Essentially, if the shirt flaps over your pants when you tuck it in, it doesn't fit well. If you manage to tuck it in well but when you raise your hands and put them back down, the shirt is spills out, then it's not a good fit. The shirt should hug your body no matter how you hold your arms.

And if you're wondering how the hell you're supposed to afford these shirts, don't worry. I've found that H&M has the best cut shirts for a reasonable price (usually $40). American Apparels' are nice as well but a little more expensive ($50+). Shop around, you never know where you'll find a great deal.

By the way, dude's 17(!) and just packed on 30 pounds of muscle in order to play a convincing werewolf for the "New Moon" movie.

Check out the slides from GQ here

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