Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ending Soon: Anders Loves Maria

I read and stay up-to-date with a plethora of contemporary comics on the Internet, and one of my personal favourites is nearing its end, with less than ten pages left in the story. Rene Engström of Sweden's Anders Loves Maria is an incredibly earnest and human account of a relationship gone awry, with an eye and idea of how important the smallest aspects of life become when you're in love. Rene gives such grand scope to such a small part of human life that its difficult to not see the world stop for these two people.

I'll probably contact Rene shortly after the comic ends to try and get a few words with her, but in the mean time, I urge everyone to read the 300 or so pages that make up A<3m, the night that I discovered it, I read it until 4:30AM.

Anders Loves Maria

(Also, just as an aside, sure, Weezy is, most certainly, better than Jay at the moment, but Jay at his prime vs. Wayne at his prime would probably end with Jigga on top. And, brosephs, if having more #1 records than someone makes you a better artist than them, then maybe we could talk about how amazing fucking Meat Loaf is.)

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