Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little headgear

I found this a few weeks ago; these hats are FRESH. Lacoste, a French tennis brand founded in 1933, is probably most famous for its solid-coloured polo shirts, at least this side of the Atlantic. So when I saw these wool mannish hats, I was immediately taken by not only the surprise of being able to wear Lacoste on my head but how well they're put together. The contrasting speckled pattern on the body of the hat and the solid band down at the base cause both elements to really stand out. Plus the fact that they're wool means they'll be good for wear into the early winter.
Two problems though: they're only available in Japan (so if anyone has 9,500 yen they're willing to exchange, let me know!) and I can't even read the website. O well, back to beanies I guess...
Via Hypebeast and Ripe Japan

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