Friday, November 27, 2009

Red Bull BC One Finals video

As promised a little while back, here's the video of the final round of the 2009 Red Bull BC One in New York City. Lilou took down Cloud by a final count of 3-2, becoming the first two-time champion in the competition's short history. Some interesting things to note: 1) the LEGENDARY KRS-One was the MC (see link for all the wicked stuff he's done for hip-hop); 2) Lilou's t-shirt reads: "I'm Muslim, Don't Panik"; 3) Either Lilou is ridiculously short or the lady who brings him the belt at the end came straight from the Amazon.

In terms of the battle, I didn't think either B-boy was particularly exceptional. Lilou was too show-y and didn't dance enough whereas at times it seemed that all Cloud could do was dance and his movements on the ground were inconsequential to his routine. That's just my opinion though and your comments are always welcome. Also, skip the first minute of the video unless you want to see two of the world's best B-boys fake argue about which one should go in first

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