Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nice jacket Japan; can we have one too?

I wish North Face had a retail outlet in the GTA. Their stuff is so nice (which always seems to take second-place to the practicability of a piece of clothing - something that NF apparel is as well). On that note, I present to you The North Face GTX Climb Light Insulation Jacket. The checker pattern in the blue/green colourway is a very nice change from the usual monochromatic black that made NF jackets popular. Also, the fact that it's only lightly insulated probably means it won't look like you're hiding a small child spread evenly around your body aka it wont be overly bulky. However, that doesn't mean you'll be cold, and with the way the winter's been going so far, this jacket might even be good for use come December. Finally, if you look closely, there are also huge diagonal side pockets to keep all the random stuff you'll "need", but seeing as you're a man, don't have a purse to carry it in. So as I said, fashionable and practical.

Sadly, it's only available in Japan (again), but on the other hand, this prevents me from blowing around 600 bucks.

Via Hypebeast

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