Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brand Blast: Burkman Bros.

Adirondack Mountains on the weekend? Frat boy during the week?
I'm not sure if that's what Doug and Ben Burkman were envisioning when they designed their Autumn/Winter line for their label Burkman Bros., but that's sure what came out. The brothers, before starting their own outfit, were designers over at Gap Inc. and the influence is clear; some of the pieces, like the khaki-coloured twill pants and polos, scream prep. But then you get to the footwear. By adding a pair of hiking boots, the outfits immediately take on a different look: ruggedness. The plaid madras shirts and linen pants look sturdy and shouldn't be worn any further than 100 feet away from a forest or a farm (I'm thinking Maine and Manitoba).
And the best part? The Burkmans are from Toronto. We're always down for sending love to homegrown talent.
Their line has just been picked up at Holt Renfrew; good on you gentlemen.
Check out their website and their Holt's listing.

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