Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diamond District: In The Ruff

Just got back from Montreal, I love that city.
Anyways back to the important stuff;

The best thing about hip-hop music is that there always seems to be a new artist who is killing it on par with the mainstream heavyweights. Just came across this album today and its the top notch debut from Diamond District: In the Ruff. Diamond District is a trio of rappers X.O. and YU and producer Oddisee. The production is probably the best I have heard all year. From the first song to the last, Oddisee spins classically inspired tracks with tight drum beats and sweet samples, while X.O. and YU are your typical lyrically rich 'East Coast' rappers (I hate that label but it paints the picture).

Hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I have.

Streets Won't Let Me Chill

Who I Be

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