Friday, November 20, 2009

Game Hova? - My final rebuttal and plea for Weezy

I hate to feel compelled to continue this challenge but there are some points that I feel obliged to contest from my good friend jonny and his case for the Jigga. I'd like to state before I continue that what Hova has done to the game and sport of rap is unquestionable, we are not talking about who has done more, or anything like that, cause J has been here longer, is a pimp, and bangs Beyonce Knowles at night.

This discussion is just straight up right now who is better, and Weezy right now is on-top of the game.

First and foremost both songs Jonny used to compare are the only tracks i'll mention, and they are both well... not the best stuff from these two heavy hitters non-the-less;

Mr. Carter - Lil' Wayne ft. Jay-Z - Tha Carter III :

Other than the line mentioned by Katesy in his post Wayne has these pieces of gold throughout;

"Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth/Wonder if stevie do"

"But I'm a leave it to God not b but even u/Cause I'm a murder Y kill O and even U"

Anyways the whole premise of this track is that J is passing on the game to Wayne hence the concluding line, and probably J's second best... "I took so much change from this rap game/It's your go"

I would like to mention that Wayne sings the hook and the outro for this song. Jay has one verse and most people do think this song is dope so i mean who is responsible for that sentiment? the 45 secs that J is on the track saying he is giving up the game to Wayne, or Weezy who sings the chorus, the outro, and 2 verses.

Jonny also argues that Wayne never mentions his hometown, difficult to make that case when he does so here (and does on like 75% of Weezy tracks)

"like I'm from Colli Park but I'm from Hollygrove" Hollygrove is Wayne's housing project in NO. Which makes a good segway into...

Hello Brooklyn - Jay-Z Ft Lil' Wayne - American Gangster

In Hello Brooklyn Wayne mentions New Orleans..."where Brooklyn at?... Have u seen her? and if she tell u somethin' u betta believe her she tol' me she like my New Orleans Demeanor and so I said goodbye Katrina"

Jonny also says that Wayne brings nothing to the track....? The dude sings the hook, and Jay wastes a dope song...If Wayne did the verses this could be a #1.

Lastly, here's Kanye's take on the game cited in 08 from Hip Hop DX - its Kanye bitching at MTV's list for top 10 MC of the decade.

He went on to give MTV his list of hottest MC's today. LOL he says Wayne is even better than himself, and we all know how much Kanye LOVES himself - no mention of Jigga PS.
· 1. Lil Wayne
· 2. Andre 3000
· 3. Kanye West
· 4. T.I.
· 5. Fabolous

Read what he says about Wayne to, 'Ye Slobberin on Wayne's knob circa 08'

I think we can be done with this chat now, the Jiggas got game no doubt, just Wayne's on his right now...Jonny stop living in the past :P

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