Friday, March 12, 2010

Video Dump

Over the past week or so, I've come across a ton of videos that I'd like to share in ATP's inaugural "Video Dump". Every once in a while, I'll compile a few videos that I may not have felt were worthy of individual posts or I just simply didn't have the time to post them the day they came out. This is the new best way to kill 20 minutes. And on a last note, shoutout to Coop, who's a frequent commenter on ATP and informally made a request for some new music. So you ask, so shall I deliver.

Lady Gage - "Telephone" (Feat. Beyoncé):

This mini-movie directed by Jonas Akerlund clocks in at just under 10 minutes but it's actually a pretty good video. Very Lady Gaga-esque but nonetheless, they did a great job making it.

Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish

Here are the visuals for the second single of the recently released Plastic Beach.

Lupe Fiasco & Kenna - "Resurrection"

Linkin Park vet Mike Shinoda got behind the mixer to produce this cut in honour of the recent disaster in Haiti.

Big Boi - "Fo Yo Sorrows" (Feat. Too $hort & George Clinton)

Just watch it. You can make your own judgements hehe.

Reflection Eternal - "In This World"

This is the video for the first single off Reflection Eternal's upcoming album Revolutions Per Minute. Their first album Train of Thought is one of my favourite albums, and despite the fact that I think is track is sub-par, I'm looking forward to the album. It took them a decade to finish it, so I have faith that they got it right.

Lil Wayne - "Drop The World" (Feat. Eminem)

Before Weezy was finally sent away to jail, he recorded a rumoured 7 videos, including this one with Eminem. Somehow this is the best quality that's been released but it's still tough to see. On a sidenote, I love Eminem in this; just ridiculous.

Diggy - "Stoopid Flow (Made You Look)"

The 14 year-old son of Run-DMC member Reverend Run, Diggy Simmons is quickly cementing himself as a legitimate rapper with freestyles over Jay-Z's "A Star is Born", Drake's "Over" and now Nas' "Made You Look". Oh ya, kid has mad style as well and cites everyone from A Bathing Ape's Nigo to Jay-Z to Karl Lagerfeld as his fashion inspirations.

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