Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Morning: KiD CuDi Round-up (NEW LINK)

I have no problem saying that I like Kid Cudi way more in my new favourite TV show, "How To Make It In America", than I've ever liked him on the mic, but I'll give him his props when deserved. Yesterday, he released an alternate video for his hit single "Pursuit of Happiness". This one, unlike the original version, embodies the whole stoner image Mr. Mescudi is trying to rock. This video makes way less sense yet way more sense at the same time.

And as a little bonus, yesterday a track called "I Do My Thing", featuring Snoop, surfaced on the blogs. This track is actually legit, even though I still dislike Kudi as a rapper. Download it here.

P.s. this post is dedicated to my good boy Adrian, who is one of the most avid, and vocal, ATP readers; who he loves Cudi; and whose birthday is coming up this Saturday. Happy early birthday my dude!

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