Sunday, March 7, 2010

J. Crew's "Men of Monocle"

All-American powerhouse J. Crew asked the men from British magazine Monocle to model for their Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook. Monocle is a mixture of current affairs, business, design, and culture, and is published 10 times a year. Each issue's the size of a manuscript, whichmakes their yearly £75 ($116 CDN) subscription fee a little more justifiable. As for the collection, it's exactly what we've come to expect from J. Crew: classic, clean, and well-cut. Shopping at J. Crew is like shopping in a store of "essentials". You can find just about everything you need to make up the basics of your wardrobe, or your whole wardrobe if your personal style is one that never goes out of season. Unfortunately though, J. Crew still hasn't opened a store this side of the border.

Originally seen at We Are The Market; screenshots by yours truly.


  1. whoa there, screenshots, glad to see you contributed something to this blog post

  2. whoa there, I'm glad to see you have no problem hiding behind the comfort of anonymity
    and just because I'm in the mood to humour you, who do you think wrote this?