Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Finally Here!!!!! Part 2

Two weeks ago I was awake in the middle of the night and I saw a tweet from SlamXHype asking for two interns to work on a two-week project. I decided to apply, not having a clue in the world what I was actually applying for. I almost immediately received an e-mail from a Yasmine who explained the project as a sort of Wikipedia for brands, artists and fashion designers; and I was delighted to hear that she wanted my help. She assigned six profiles to me, much in the same fashion I had done for Contra, and yesterday the project launched. Unfortunately my profiles don't have my name on them so you'll just have to trust me I guess. But here's my challenge: check out the website, glance around a bit, and if anyone has any guesses as to which ones I wrote, leave you answers in the comments section. Again, I've written six so far. Everyday for the next six days, I'll re-post one for you guys to check out. So that's my second major project that I had been working on, and now, I guess it's just a matter of continuing with what I've already set in place but no more big announcements from me for a little while.

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