Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday: The Mixtape Dump Edition

Excuse the tardiness, I had an essay due tonight so I didn't have time to put this together until now. Over the past week, I've downloaded a few new mixtapes and I figured I'd share them with the A.T.P. readers. They're all urban music (do mixtapes come in other genres?) but very different and kind of exemplify the diversity within the genre.

So to start off, we have Donnis' Making of an ATL Brave.

I think this mixtape came out in December but I met Donnis Thursday night before his performance at Wrongbar as part of Canadian Music Week and felt I have to show him some love. He was really friendly and just joking around with me and the crowd really supported him, despite his 15 minute performance. But I have faith that he'll be back shortly to kick it with my boys from Thunderkush, who have managed to become his unofficial Toronto connect. Download Making of an ATL Brave here.

Next is a mixtape that just dropped today, Consequence's Movies on Demand.

A signee to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music record label, Consequence has been one of my favourite rappers since I heard his debut album Don't Quit Your Day Job. I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole mixtape as it just came out today, but I'm listening to it as I type and I am not dissapointed. Download Movies On Demand here.

This mixtape is something very unique. I stumbled across it completely by accident and although it came out last July, I have to share it.

This smooth-sounding collaboration between Toronto's Melanie Fiona and ?uestlove of the Roots is a mixtape for WQST radio, a souther gospel station in Forest, Mississipi. The tape is officially called WQST Presents: Melanie Fiona Meets The Illadelphonics (A Live Remix Jam Session of The Bridge) and actually came out before Fiona dropped her debut album The Bridge a month later. Download A Live Remix Jam Session here. Shouts to Youngfreshnew for this one.

Hopefully this new music will keep you guys happy for a bit!

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